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This website is a collection of breakthrough tools and resources for coaches and players. Whether you belong to a club, a team, or an academy, you can get to the next level if you can win the mind game. Coaches can take each of the essential truths and build weekly themes and practical drills. The visualization soundtracks help build mind power, and resilience. The monitoring system measures progress towards realistic and practical goals. Our Youtube channel features short and insightful mental tips and drills to help athletes win the mind game.

Creating a winning approach takes a partnership approach between player and coach. This site is dedicated to that partnership and
that vision.

Nick Dewan, M.D.

As one of the world's leading experts in mind motivation I have created Meditation and Visualization Soundtracks so you can rehearse success.

Ultimate Relaxation, The tracks feature a combination of world music, soothing voice harmonics and suggestive techniques, allowing listeners to use all of their senses to fall into a total state of relaxation.read more

Golf Dreams is all about sharpening your focus and building your confidence so you can achieve your goals on the course. read more

Tennis Quest is all about getting you comfortable with performing in “The Zone.” read more

We have uploaded our Win the Mind Game videos on youtube. Please click on the following links to view them.

Essential Truth#7: Intensity without calmness leads to errors. watch on youtube

Essential Truth#13: Being smart means knowing how you win or lose and remembering what you need to do during competition, and analyzing what to work on after you finish.
watch on youtube

"I have already started recommending this program to my team members."read more
Deepak (Dee) Shah

"If you want to excel, take your sport to the next level, team up with Dr. Nick Dewan” read more
Mark Hirschey

“Dr. Nick has really put his best professional and personal techniques into the CD and from my personal experience I know that it really does work!" read more
Lola Black

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